Saturday, 5 September 2015

Review: Big Skies Food Co

My foodie posts are actually among my post popular, I should to them more often! Anyways, Big Skies Food Co have kindly sent me some of their brittle to review on here. Their brittle is handmade in small batches in their Norfolk kitchen which sounds very quaint. I love supporting British food companies by buying British-made food where possible (especially honey, mmm!). All this brittle is gluten free which is worth noting.

So I was sent four varieties to try. The first one that I tried was their Toffee Apple flavour. I love how the ingredients lists on these products are ridiculously small, literally sugar and dried apple. Their sugar is sourced locally too which is amazing.

Anyways, on to the taste. It is very true to taste, it tastes exactly like eating a toffee apple which isn't hard to believe since the ingredients are literally toffee and apple I suppose! It's very nice, I love toffee apple so this one I loooveed.

I then tried the Traditional Peanut one which is the flavour that I was most familiar with prior to trying any of them. It tastes lovely, as you'd imagine! You get the salty hit of the peanuts and then the sweetness of the hard caramel. Mmm, this stuff is seriously addictive. I got through the best part of a packet during an episode of loose women - be warned!

So here's the final two that I tried! The first one - Roasted Cashew and Sea Salt tastes similar to the peanut one but it has that distinctive cashew taste and its a little saltier. Mmm, I love this one. Cashews are just gorgeous and they retain their nice texture within the brittle so that just adds to my enjoyment.

The final one I tried was the one I was a little scared of - Salted Peanut and Chilli. There's lots of visible slices of chilli encased in the brittle so I imagined it to be very hot! I love how they've used actual sliced fresh chillis rather than just powder or something. 

The taste of this one is so interesting. I actually really like it, it's kind of hot but not overpowering - warming is probably the word. Then you get the sweetness of the caramel and saltiness of the nuts. It's a fairly complex flavour but one that I really like. I wouldn't eat the whole pack at once of this one, it's more the kind that you'd eat a piece of slowly and savour all the different tastes.

Definitely check out Big Skies Food Co on Etsy, Twitter and their standalone website!

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