Saturday, 5 September 2015

Etsy Shop Feature: House of Vicness

House of Vicness is an Etsy shop which really speaks to my heart in a number of ways. There's everything that I love on there: custom My Little Ponys, Disney Princesses, Zelda, Studio Ghibli.. the list goes on! I could literally kit out my house with decorations from this shop, it's absolutely gorgeous. There are some Christmas decorations that have been added recently which are beautiful and some origami star decorations which I definitely need one of.

Speaking of which, look what was included in my package as a little extra..

With my cute magnets there was this little bag of origami stars which are absolutely precious. I shall definitely be displaying these somewhere, perhaps inside a cute jar. And of course, the magnets are beautifully made! They resemble Ariel and Link perfectly and they're very nicely sized. On the back, there is plenty of magnet attached so they attach to my fridge securely.

And here's one of the new Christmas decorations! This will look awesome on my tree, I'm a huge Zelda fan so having a heart gauge on my tree is pretty cool. There's also a triforce one, a sword one and a rupee one which are equally cute.

I'm so obsessed with this shop, I want literally everything on there.. especially her needlefelted mushroom and her origami stars decoration! Definitely check out House of Vicness, the owner is so lovely and will keep you informed about your order every step of the way!

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