Friday, 28 August 2015

Review: Untutored Tilly Cat @ Etsy

Everyone needs door stops in their house, they make life a lot easier. And if you're having one, you might as well have a cute one! (this is one of my life mantras)

So now we've got some background to this post, I'd like to introduce Untutored Tilly Cat on Etsy! This shop sells lots of cute wooden creations but I went for the door stop as I was being good and shopping for functional items rather than for pure cuteness. 

This is almost too cute to be a door stop. The pink is very vibrant in personal and the polka dots are really precise. It's just all round cute and girly and I'm pleased with it. If pink isn't your thing, then don't worry as there's lots of colours to choose from! I didn't think that I could get excited about buying functional essentials like door stops but nope, it's totally possible when they're this adorable. 

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