Monday, 17 August 2015

Review: Grizzly Hare @ Etsy

I received my custom order of Pokemon cross stitches today from the lovely Grizzly Hare on Etsy! I ordered three customs of my favourite Pokemon. Ellen's customs are very reasonably priced at only £4 unframed.

My order came packaged really pretty in brown paper and stamped with the Grizzly Hare shop name which is a nice touch. The first Pokemon that I ordered was Vulpix because I love her and she turned out so cute. My cross stitch literally looks identical to her sprite, it's done very precisely. This one is unframed.

I also ordered Mudkip <3 and Caterpie. My Mudkip came framed in a glass photo frame and my Caterpie is framed in a traditional circular wood grain embroidery frame. I love the effect of the circular frame, it's really effective and it sets off my little Caterpie perfectly. I'm really pleased with both of these, they turned out exactly how I had envisioned. 

Definitely check out Grizzly Hare on Etsy if you're after any custom needlework as she can hand stitch, cross stitch or embroider pretty much anything that you'd like on to a multitude of fabrics (and her prices are super reasonable!)

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