Friday, 14 August 2015

Babe Scouts Forever! (Beau Brannick @ Etsy)

Beau Brannick runs a really lovely Etsy shop which is based in the UK and she sells cute patches to raise awareness for depression and anxiety. Obviously these things suck and Beau makes patches to remind everyone that they're a babe no matter what. And that they're never alone!
I think that what Beau does is great and the patches are really cute. There's lots of other designs, some are little prompts to do tasks which might take people's minds off feeling crappy like "cuddle your cat" etc. They're realllllyy cute. 

Beau makes prints too which pretty much serve the same purpose. They are motivational, colourful and all round beautiful! The prints are designed to give people a boost in the morning with phrases such as "today will be a good day".

I can't recommend Beau's shop enough. Her products are fab and she works so hard. Check out her shop here.


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    1. Hi sweet

      It would usually be on Beau's shop link here: but she is on her Christmas break now I believe!

      Thanks for commenting :)

      Abbi xo