Sunday, 30 August 2015

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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Review: Sarah Sews It @ Etsy

I loved Roald Dahl as a kid so when I saw lots of cute Roald Dahl fabrics on Sarah's Etsy shop I fell in love. How unique though, I've never seen anything like this before! Esio Trot is one of my personal faves as it's such a cute story and we've always had pet tortoises in my family.

I chose one of Sarah's 100% cotton square bottomed makeup/wash bags. I love how there's a different picture on each side and the picture is in the centre. I know that these type of fabrics are difficult to work with so she's done well to make it this pretty.

The bag itself is well made, everything is sewn straight, it's fully lined and feels nice and sturdy too. Definitely check out Sarah Sews It, she makes lots of lovely bags as well which are lush.

Etsy Shop Feature: Dorothea's Design

You guys know how I love supporting small handmade businesses, well Dorothea's Design takes it one step further! It's actually an eco-friendly shop, which sells items made from biodegradable fabrics and sometimes repurposed fabrics. Dorothea is passionate about being eco-friendly so tries not to use metal parts and lots of her items are wipe-clean so no energy is wasted using the washing machine!

Now we've got some background on Dorothea's business, let's have a look at my cute bunting!

Here it is! As you can see, the fabric is of fairly unique design, I've never seen bunting like this before. It's very well made and straightly sewn. I love how she's managed to get each flag to have a substantial amount of the flower design on there, it looks really beautiful and I know it can be challenging to work with fabric which doesn't have a constant repeated design. Dorothea actually offered to customise it for me if I required which was really good of her so do give her a message if you're interested in any of her items but want it to be slightly different.

Definitely have a look at Dorothea's shop. Everything is handmade in Wales so it'd be great to support a British business that is trying its best to be kind to the planet!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Review: You Are My Sunshine UK

This shop possibly has the sweetest name ever, and even sweeter candles! You Are My Sunshine UK sell beautiful handmade natural soy candles packaged in authentic Ball Mason jars and finished with cute vintage style material!

The candles are hand made in batches using 100% natural soy wax and a cotton wick. So they're fairly eco friendly. They are fragranced with essential oils and provide a burn time of approximately 40 hours.

The fabric on the top of the vintage-style jar is such a cute idea. It makes the candles look like little jam jars, how adorable! I absolutely love how this candle looks. It's SO pink!! The scent is beautiful as well, as soon as I ripped the box open I could smell it - the sweet pea scent is sweet, floral and all round gorgeous. 

I am beyond thrilled with my cute candle. It's so pretty and they come in so many different scents from baby powder to grapefruit so there's definitely something for everyone. Check out You Are My Sunshine UK here.

Review: Untutored Tilly Cat @ Etsy

Everyone needs door stops in their house, they make life a lot easier. And if you're having one, you might as well have a cute one! (this is one of my life mantras)

So now we've got some background to this post, I'd like to introduce Untutored Tilly Cat on Etsy! This shop sells lots of cute wooden creations but I went for the door stop as I was being good and shopping for functional items rather than for pure cuteness. 

This is almost too cute to be a door stop. The pink is very vibrant in personal and the polka dots are really precise. It's just all round cute and girly and I'm pleased with it. If pink isn't your thing, then don't worry as there's lots of colours to choose from! I didn't think that I could get excited about buying functional essentials like door stops but nope, it's totally possible when they're this adorable. 

Etsy Shop Feature: The Procraftinator

I was on the lookout for some cute handmade spooky decorations as I buy my Halloween gubbins in September. I came across The Procraftinator on Etsy which sells very cute handmade felt decorations.

Firstly, I chose this cute little hanging ghost decoration. This is precious - not gonna lie, I will be hanging this all year round. It's definitely not just for Halloween, it will look very cute in my kawaii themed room in my house.
I also got this cute felt bat necklace. It has little blushing cheeks like my ghostie and it's gorgeous. This looks really cute worn with a fairly low cut plain top, I wore it out like this the evening that it came in the mail!

The final thing in my pretty package was a cotton star garland. They're stuffed so they're nice and soft. They are made in a variety of cute patterns and then threaded onto white ribbon to make a garland. This will look lovely along my fireplace. It's absolutely adorable and so well made!
Be sure to check out The Procraftinator on Etsy for all your Halloween needs! She will definitely have something that you'll like!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Review: The Dainty Shop

The Dainty Shop are based online here and they sell the most beautiful home decor. From floral suitcases to owl cushions, if you're into cute, shabby chic home decor then you will love The Dainty Shop.

I decided on a large painted Kilner jar. I've had my eye on a pink one for a while and finally decided that I'd order it to store my kitchen utensils in. The Kilner jar is painted pastel pink with chalk paint. It's then distressed so it looks quite vintagey and unique, fitting with the shabby chic style!

Twine is wrapped around the top of the jar and a little wooden heart is attached. This gives it a really cute touch. The jar is substantially sized, the perfect size for wooden spoons, spatulas etc and it's going to look precious on display in my kitchen.

I definitely recommend checking out The Dainty Shop for all your home decor needs. Everything on there is so pretty, I could literally spend hours looking through their website!

Review: A Fairy Door @ Etsy

In my new house, I have a small garden and I want to make it like a little fairy garden so I wanted to get some little mushrooms with spikes on them to pop in my lawn. I came across a cute little shop called A Fairy Door on Etsy. This shop, as the name suggests, makes fairy doors and lots of little mushrooms. 

I chose red ones and they come in sets of 3. The little spikes are a good length and they're not too sharp. Do be careful though as poking yourself with them isn't good!

These mushrooms are painted beautifully, they are so enchanting! These will look lovely in my garden and help to inject some magic into a small space.

I am thoroughly pleased with my mushrooms and totally recommend A Fairy Door to anyone who is into cute whimsical decorations! You can catch these cute items on Etsy or on their standalone website here.

Review: My Forbidden Butterfly @ Etsy

I have been after a pom pom garland for ages! I think that they look so cute in pastel colours. I wanted a pastel pink and mint garland so I messaged My Forbidden Butterfly to see if she could do me a custom one and Terri was kind enough to make one for me. 

All her premade ones are gorgeous too though, there's lots of gorgeous pastel garlands! Terri also makes ribbon garlands which are very pretty. I had my heart set on a pom pom one though so I went ahead and ordered my custom one!

Upon opening my package, I was pretty taken aback by how beautifully my garland was packaged. It looked like a big ice cream or some candy, aaaww! There's lots of little confetti pieces inside too. 

Terri also included a handmade card with lots of washi tape samples on there which will be very useful when it comes to hanging my garland up. Her attention to detail is really impressive!

The garland itself is quite long with 11 pom poms on there and Terri included lots of extra hot pink twine so you can spread the pom poms out if you wish. The pom poms are made from lovely soft wool and they're all very pretty.

I'm pleased with my beautiful garland. It's exactly what I wanted, the colours are lovely. Definitely check out My Forbidden Butterfly here.

Review: Chic Chic Beauty @ Etsy

As I'm getting ready to move into my new home, I'm gathering lots of cute bits and came across Chic Chic Beauty while I was on the look out for shabby chic curtain ties which seem to be few and far between.

Justine from Chic Chic Beauty kindly sent me a wooden heart garland to review on here as well as the curtain ties so let's have a little look at everything!

So here they are! Both items are wooden, and they're nice and sturdy. The wood is painted white and decorated with gold detailing and floral decoupage. The decoupage has been done seamlessly, it's very neat so the design looks painted on!

The curtain ties are as beautiful as I expected and they will add a nice little touch to my living room. The garland is also beautiful, the twine gives it a very rustic vibe which is cute.

My items from Chic Chic Beauty are absolutely lovely! They have been decorated so neatly with really cute designs, I can't wait to display them in my new home!

Up Bra Review!

I recently received the Up Bra for review purposes and after wearing it for a couple of weeks - I'm pleased to be able to tell you guys about it!

Despite having a larger than average chest, I usually gravitate towards push up bras as they give my boobs a lift which you obviously need when you have bigger boobs! I hoped that this bra would provide me with some extra support so that I'd feel confident in more revealing outfits and with strapless dresses too as this bra has detachable straps.

I ordered the bra in a 34DD. DD is the biggest cup size that Up Bra currently offer. I'm usually an E but I was advised that the fit should be extremely snug so I went for the DD and it fits fine.

The Up Bra has a number of unique features. One of these is that there are a number of notches on the bottom band of the bra with a piece of elastic either side with hooks on the end. This is easier to see in the photo than it is to explain it! Basically, depending on how 'together' you want your girls to be indicates where you should clip your elastic. If you want them to be very high and together then you should clip it on the furthest notch.

I tend to wear mine on the second notch across as my chest is already large and I don't need them to be pushed together any more than that really. This feature is so cool though as it means that you sort of have multiple bras in one as you can customise the fit of it as you please.

Another nice feature is the love heart grips inside the bra. These are so cute and they make sure that your boobs are gripped nicely. I also like how there's 4 hook and eye closures on the back strap as it means that the fit is more customisable and accommodating.

The bra itself feels fairly solid but it's not particularly bulky in any way. It's comfortable to wear, I've been wearing it to work all day and it's just like wearing one of my regular bras. I'm really pleased with my Up Bra - it's comfortable, functional, customisable and it makes my boobs look great!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Etsy Shop Feature: Janie Makes UK

Janie Makes UK has kindly sent me a pretty fabric memo board to review. Janie Makes UK sells lots of gorgeous hand-sewn creations using cute fabrics.

Here's my pretty pink board! There's plenty of ribbon so I can stick some reminders in there! The board itself is a very decent size and I love the little ducky buttons that are securing the ribbon. The sewing is done very neatly, the board has a gorgeous finish.

The memo board is altogether adorable - the polka dot print is so so cute and all the colours work perfectly together. I cannot wait to display this in my home and fill it with little notes. 

Definitely check out Janie Makes UK. Her creations are really pretty - she uses the most beautiful fabrics and adds cute little details like the ducklings on my board!

Review: Trinca Ferro Decorative Furniture Knobs (Etsy)

I received a very pretty package full of decorative door knobs today from Trinca Ferro! I'm all for upcycling and adding a cute door knob is an easy way to revive an old piece of furniture and make it all lovely again.

I ordered 6 knobs in total and they are all so beautiful. I can't wait to find some perfect upcycling projects to use them on! I chose a mix of glass and ceramic knobs - Trinca Ferro also sell bone and acrylic knobs too though. The bone ones are especially pretty!

These are the knobs that I ordered! They look identical to how they do online which is always a plus! They're decently sized too, especially the flowers.

The knobs came with plastic attachments to fit onto the back as well so they won't slip out and can be tightened properly. The shipping on these was really quick and all the knobs are very reasonably priced. I'm pleased with how pretty these knobs are and I really can't wait to use them in my home. Check out Trinca Ferro here.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Etsy Shop Feature: Get Woolly

I have a bit of a soft spot for cacti and I was on the lookout for some cacti-themed home decor when I came across Get Woolly on Etsy who sell.. wait for it.. KNITTED cacti. Like seriously, wow.. how cool!? A literally zero maintenance cactus - pretty awesome!

This is my baby. This little guy will be going on my windowsill in his terracotta pot. The pot is actually a proper pot, it's not plastic - I thought it would be plastic for some reason but it's not. It's very sturdy and pretty and I think that it will look very cute in my window with my little toadstools surrounding it. 

This cactus is a little beauty and I'm still thinking of a name for him. Thank you Get Woolly - you have made me very happy!

Review: Katies Handmade Gifts @ Etsy

Katie from Katies Handmade Gifts was kind enough to send me one of her pretty memo boards to review! Katie makes lots of different memo boards in various sizes and prints. 

I chose a pink floral one with purple buttons on it. The handle at the top is twine which is a really nice touch. I absolutely love the fabric, it's very pretty and it's been padded out nicely too. 

The board itself is of substantial size - it's big enough to pin a fair few things but not too big that it'd take up loads of wall space. 

I'm pleased with my cute memo board. The vintage floral print is beautiful and it's extremely well made. Check out Katies Handmade Gifts for lots of precious handmade decorations for your home!

Etsy Shop Feature: Handmade By Amy C

As I'm moving house soon, I wanted a couple of memo boards for my house as I think they're really cute as well as being practical for displaying important reminders. I love the fabric ones and there's plenty of cute ones on Etsy. Handmade By Amy C stood out to me as her designs were all very pretty!

This memo board is a large one which is perfect for the kitchen. It's nicely padded and I love the sequinned floral detailing. I absolutely love it and I think it would look perfect in any shabby chic themed home or in a lovely country kitchen.

Amy also makes hanging hearts and they're absolutely beautiful. Seriously how cute are these?! They are perfect for hanging on drawer handles and just generally for making your home look pretty. I'm so pleased with these - they're dainty and super adorable!

Definitely check out Handmade By Amy C. She sells the most beautiful home made decorations - it's the little things like these that really make a house into a home.

Review: Whimsy Designs UK @ Etsy

Let's preface this by saying that I have a bit of a washi tape problem. I have lots and lots of washi tape in many different designs. I use it in my planner and to stick up bunting, garlands and other cute things in my home as it's easily removable and looks pretty.

I was looking for some new washi tape on Etsy and I came across Whimsy Designs UK. I chose a pack of 6 paper washi which included a floral print one, a seikaiha print one, a red polka dot one, a chevron print one, a green leafy one and a skinny orange one.

These are such pretty patterns which is what attracted me to them. I love paper washi as I find that it is the easiest to reposition and it definitely looks the best on walls when I hang up my bunting.

My order from Whimsy Designs arrived in 1 day which is pretty impressive. The tapes themselves are 10 meters long as well which is plenty long. At £6.60 the tapes work out at around £1 each which is an amazing price for cute paper washi. I 100% recommend Whimsy Designs UK, I'm very happy with my tapes!

Review: Old Joe's Attic on Etsy

Old Joe's Attic is an absolutely beautiful Etsy shop which sells American vintage-style mason jars! They aren't just mason jars though, they are actually made into functional household items which I think is such a unique idea. I was totally gobsmacked when I received my package at just how gorgeous my jars are.

Here's the photo from Old Joe's Etsy page. My photo really doesn't do them as much justice as this so I thought I'd post this one on here. It's pretty awesome how you can buy Kilner or Mason products as I have lots of Kilner jars in my house so I wanted to continue that theme! I chose the grey painted enamel lids as they go with my home perfectly, it's so vintage-esque and pretty.

The grey bathroom set comes with a storage jar which can be used to store cotton buds or anything that you like really! It also comes with a toothbrush holder which has a little grid on it so they stay in place. You also get a soap dispenser with it which is really sturdy and high quality.

The soap dispenser is available to buy on its own as well so if you just want one for your kitchen or something then you can go ahead and buy it on its own.

I am thoroughly pleased with my Kilner jar bathroom set. My jars are of superb quality and I think its fab that there was a little guide included on how to care for them. All aspects of the service were perfect, I cannot fault the seller or the product whatsoever. These would look perfect in any home and they're super hard wearing so they will last forever!

Definitely check out Old Joe's Attic if you love vintage style homeware which is also sleek and hardwearing. These jars really are beautiful, I'd recommend them to everyone as they're available in a variety of different styles so there's something for everyone!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Review: iwallstickers (

I recently ordered a large wall decal from iwallstickers. I absolutely love their website! Ordering was completely seamless and quick. There was nothing confusing whatsoever about sizing and colours which is great as this is a worry for me when it comes to wall decals. Postage is free in the UK as well which is always a bonus! iwallstickers take custom orders as well so you can create your own art or choose from the designs on their site of which there are plenty of amazing ones!

I ordered a really beautiful decal. It comprises of 2 large framed silhouettes - one of Prince Charming and one of Cinderella. This is going to be installed above our bed with Prince Charming above my boyfriend's place and Cinderella above mine!

This is my decal design. You are able to customise the colour of the frame though and I chose metallic silver as my wall is white. I chose the XL size as it's the most appropriate size for above my bed. 

I received the decal today and it was packaged in a large heavy duty cylinder with a lid on each end. It arrived safely and was packaged with guidelines on how to install the decal which is very useful. There is also videos on the iwallstickers website too which give clear instructions on how to install the decals. I shall be posting a photo of what the decal looks like when I move into my new place and put it up!

Etsy Shop Feature: Graces Laces

I received a very pretty package this morning from Graces Laces on Etsy. Graces Laces is a UK based Etsy shop which specialises in cute home decor items using lace, decoupage and general prettiness. Grace has been kind enough to send me some products to show you guys and give my honest opinion on. 

My pretty decorations were packaged inside this sturdy wooden tissue box with a decoupaged top and lovely lace around the edges. The bottom slides off to allow you to put your tissue box in there which is fab. The decoupaged top has been well varnished so it won't get scratched at all, it's lovely and shiny and the box is superb quality in general.

I also received 3 cute hanging hearts with hand tatted lace on them! They are perfect Christmas decorations but I think they could equally be used all year round as I adore hanging hearts - they're all over my home in various colours, sizes and styles!

Grace also sent me some pretty handmade hair clips. The flowers are created using ribbon which I think is so cute, it's a Japanese method related to origami called kanzashi. The petals have also been sealed on heat. These clips are so cute, it's really clever how Grace has made these and they're really neat!
I also received these lovely hand tatted snowflakes. These will look perfect in my home at Christmas time, they're really beautiful and dainty. The final item is this cute double bow on an alligator clip. I love the lace detailing on there, how pretty!

Definitely check out Graces Laces on Etsy for some pretty handmade home decor. Her Christmas decorations are truly beautiful and her wooden creations are so incredibly well made.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Etsy Shop Feature: World of Handcraft

World of Handcraft is a cute Etsy shop which sells pretty decoupaged home decor. Urszula from World of Handcraft on Etsy was kind enough to send me some beautiful decoupage fridge magnets.

The magnets are made from solid wood and they're heart shaped as you can see. They arrived in a cute organza bag so they're perfect for gift giving. The magnets themselves are nice and large which is nice, they're pretty amazing value.

They're decoupaged very neatly. There's no bubbles or folds to be seen - so I'm pretty impressed. They're the neatest item I've received so far when it comes to decoupage!

I'm so pleased with these magnets, they will look beautiful on my fridge and compliment the country kitchen theme that I have going on! Check World of Handcraft out here.

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