Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Review: Pannya Art @ Etsy

As I'm moving house, I have started to amass lots of little decorations and I found Pannya Art on Etsy when I was looking for fridge magnets. Megan makes the most beautifully cute little magnets and stickers too and I couldn't resist <3
I went for the Animal Crossing ones as they are so nostalgic for me! Looking at these conjures up images of me as a kid playing this game on my Gamecube. The characters are so cute as well - the print is realllllyy high quality and the colours are lovely and vibrant. 

Megan also sells Monster Hunter magnets and cute little animal magnets too. Pannya Art is seriously worth a look, I've never seen any fridge magnets like this! They will really jazz up my kitchen. I'm one step closer in my quest to have the cutest house in existence! 

Pannya Art's Facebook

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