Saturday, 25 July 2015

Review: Designs to a Tee @ Etsy

I recently made an order for some hair ties and a card from Designs to a Tee on Etsy. Tanya was kind enough to also include some of her button earrings for me to review which are new to her shop!
I went for the metallic rainbow hair ties and a cute little card as it's my brother's birthday soon (hopefully he doesn't read this or he'll see his card)! Tanya makes the most beautiful cards actually so I spied the opportunity to grab a cute one. She customised the colour of it for me as I asked for blue and the one in the listing was rose gold. Tanya actually sells really beautiful Disney themed cards but my brother probably wouldn't have appreciated that one but it's my birthday in September so I might slip Tanya's business card in a few people's drawers around that time (hehe!)

The hair ties are nice and stretchy - I'm impressed with the quality of both of these items and the card is lovely and thick. The front of the card is cut out lovely and precisely as you can see - I'm impressed!
These are the button earrings that I got! Aaaw how sweet are these?! The glue is visible when you do a close up but when they're actually worn then you can't see any of that obviously because it's clear. I actually appreciate the extra glue as it means that they're secured nice and tightly

Definitely check out Designs to a Tee on Etsy. Tanya also uses Instagram <3

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