Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Review: Clasicats @ Etsy

I decided it was time to shop for my little kitties on Etsy - and I found the cutest catnip filled toys on a shop called Clasicats! Now, I pondered for a while on the best way to review these and decided that the cats could probably review them better than me...

Here's what the toys looked like before they got their paws on them:

As you can see, they are packaged beautifully with cat washi tape which I immediately peeled off and re-used in my planner. The tissue paper that the toys are wrapped in is so thick too, I will have to use it for something!

I'm very pleased with the cat toys from Clasicats, they are certainly keeping my cats amused and they are so well made and cute. The felted fabric is really hard-wearing and doesn't look like it's going to rip anytime soon.

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