Monday, 27 July 2015

Review: Ahh Lovely @ Etsy

I recently got the opportunity to work with an Etsy Shop called Ahh Lovely. Ahh Lovely specialises in handmade gifts made from clay. They are made by cutting the initial shape out of wet clay, pressing the designs into the clay using stamps and then smoothing it all off. When the decorations dry, they go through a firing and glazing process which results in a beautifully shiny product. They are finished by adding natural jute twine to hang it in place!

I love that each decoration is handmade so your piece will be slightly unique. It's cool how Cally packages the pieces in boxes made from recycled materials too - being kind to the planet is always good. Speaking of packaging, my order came boxed, bubblewrapped and taped very well on the outside to ensure that everything is watertight and secure.
I chose this decoration as the fox is just so precious. This is made using a red gloss and it has a cute little fox on there with the word Foxy at the bottom! The wording is done using individual rubber stamps which is so crazy - so much work goes into making these beautiful decorations. This decoration is fairly large and will look beautiful in my bathroom which is where I'm planning on hanging it! (£10)
I also chose this little pink button decoration. I am decorating a room pretty much fully pink and thought that this would work perfectly in there. It's made in the colour candy pink and it's actually made in a pretty interesting way. Linen is rolled into the wet clay to leave a textured effect on the button. How cool is that?! This is so cute, it's perfect to give as a gift for a baby girl.. or for someone who loves cute pink things like me! Cally also makes one in blue for baby boys. (£7)

Expect more reviews of Ahh Lovely as I will be working with this shop again over the coming weeks.

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