Saturday, 25 July 2015

Little Update About My Blog!

As you will see, I've been doing lots of Etsy Shop features and reviews recently. I'm extremely passionate about promoting small businesses and helping them to get out there! So as soon as my blog got enough exposure I decided that I was ready to help people to do that. There will be beauty related posts upcoming too so don't worry - I have a little backlog of reviews to write so once that's done I will change it up a bit.

I hope that you guys find my Etsy Shop reviews interesting though, I love seeing other people's finds from Etsy and I personally think that it can be confusing on what to choose on there as there are so many shops and tonnes of competition. 

Sooo, yeah! I hope that you like the direction that my blog is going in as promoting small businesses has always been one of my things. I love all cuteness whether they are from a small or big business of course, but big ones often don't need the exposure!

Hope you're all well and enjoying summer

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