Monday, 6 July 2015

How My Friends Describe Me

I recently asked some of my friends to list the words that came to their minds when they thought of me. I shall list the most common and write my comments underneath each one.

Yes, I admit that loyalty is important to me. I look after my own fiercely, and will challenge anyone or anything if those who I care about are under any sort of threat. I admire loyalty in others - it's definitely a quality that I value in a friend. If a friend doesn't have the ability to be loyal to me or others then they aren't worth my time. On the flip side, I think it's important to understand that individuals do have the ability to fight their own battles and one of my weaknesses is rushing to protect others before they have a proper opportunity to do this.

Honesty is crucial for me. One of my pet peeves is when people sugarcoat things - it's an awful habit. I am always honest, no matter how it comes across. I believe that the unwillingness to be honest arises from the desire to be accepted and appreciated by others. In other words; individuals are afraid of how others will react to their true thoughts so they desire to withhold the truth entirely or tell a revised version. I'm really not into this and if a friend asks if her makeup looks icky then I'll answer honestly. The weakness of this is that I can come across as quite brash sometimes and I accept that. But if my opinions offend people then they should grow up and accept that everyone is entitled to their view - everyone is different and that is great! 

Thanks! ;)

I didn't used to be confident as a young child. I had major insecurities surrounding my severe stammer and my different coloured eyes. Back then, the colour difference was stark and I hated the fact that everyone would comment on it. My vision has always been impaired in one eye as well and this has gradually deteriorated, I now have a prescription for both eyes. One day, my mother told me to fake confidence to get over these insecurities. I've always been a bright girl and even aged four I understood what this meant. It wasn't long before I didn't have to fake it anymore. Now I'm older and have had years of speech therapy and my heterochromia has reduced in severity, these childhood insecurites are totally irrelevent. However, this doesn't change the fact that I haven't always been confident. It is part of my personality now though and I couldn't imagine not being so confident! Confidence is about accepting yourself and your flaws, which I definitely have. I am open to discussing my flaws with others - it's a crucial part of self-acceptance and self-love. The weakness of this is that I can sometimes intimidate others, but.... I don't actually care. You can't live your life tip-toeing around in case you offend people. 

Fair comment. I've always been intelligent, achieving A*AAA at A level and going on to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. I don't see why people are shy about being intelligent, there's no shame in it. That being said, I really struggle to have close relationships with individuals who aren't so intelligent. I just can't bounce off them and have the same level of conversation that I'm used to having with those who are at a similar level to me in terms of intelligence. In fact, I hate being friends with people who aren't intelligent - it just doesn't work and any flings that I've had with lads who are a tad simple haven't gone well. I just get bored. I enjoy having challenging debates with my other half, visiting museums and reading academic books and comparing notes. I'm just not compatible with people that aren't into that.

Awww, that's sweet.

I have always been taught by my parents to "imagine if I was in their shoes" and this has stuck with me as an adult. My parents have brought me up incredibly well and I try to show empathy towards others. I am always willing to listen to individuals' problems and offer my advice as best I can. This can sometimes stress me out a little as I give advice to so many people that I have a tendency to carry the problems of others around with me in my head which is never good.


I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this post and maybe learned a bit more about my personality!

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