Sunday, 3 May 2015

Review: LUSH Sandstone Soap

Sandstone soap was actually one of the first LUSH products that I ever tried. There's definitely something alluring about the combination of sand and citrus.

The scent of this soap is so uplifting and it helps to wake me up when I use it in my morning shower. It foams super well and exfoliates too due to the sand. I love using this in the summer in the run up to my holiday as it reminds me of being on the beach with some nice fresh lemonade. It really is perfect to use on a really hot day in a cold shower.

With regular use, this soap makes my skin smooth and firm. Great to help me look fab and beach-ready just before going away with the other half.

Containing coconut oil, this soap is creamy and moisturising. Some overlook this soap and consider it to be masculine but this really isn't true. Sandstone is one of my favourite LUSH products, and I recommend it to everyone when they are first trying out LUSH. 

I feel so clean, sexy and energised after using this all over my body. Please try this soap if you're after something to wake you up and make you feel super!

£££: £3.40 per 100g

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