Friday, 22 May 2015

May Chit Chat

I've not made a chit chat post in a while, so I thought I would have a little ramble. I have a new job now so I'm in the process of leaving my job at Holland and Barrett. I'm kinda sad about it but pleased too as I don't think the company offers a healthy environment for staff. I've actually made a video about my experience working for Holland and Barrett but I'm not sure whether to upload it - it's been requested but I'm still unsure. So I'll go from working 2 jobs, to working a completely new job! Lots of change to go on soon then...

I've been spending my free time reading the Game of Thrones novels. I'm really enjoying them, they're really up my street. It makes a change from reading the factual books I normally go for. History books are my thing, I can't get enough of them! I've struggled to find time over the past few months though with working 2 jobs. I suppose that's what public transport is for.

In other news, my soft toy collection is getting a bit out of hand. They take up most of the bed now as well as occupying the shelving in my room. When I move out, I guess I'll have more room for them. Like I've had to put my My Little Pony Ty collection in storage as I ran out of room. It's sad :( 

This time next year, perhaps me and my boyfriend will have our own place. That would be nice. Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and go. I have work in the morning, need to get my beauty sleep. (lol) xoxoxox

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