Saturday, 9 May 2015

How to: DIY LUSH Fun Shower Cream

I've been looking for new ways to enjoy my LUSH products for a while and gave it a go last week. So if you want to make a nice, creamy shower gel out of your Fun then go ahead and try this out.

1 bar of LUSH Fun (I used Snowman Fun)
Unscented shower gel (I used Sanex 0%)
1 empty bottle
1 large bowl 
1 mixing utensil
1 funnel
A small amount of hot water

1. Crumble the whole bar of Fun into your bowl, ensuring that there is no large lumps.
2. Add around 2-4 tablespoons of very hot-boiling water and mash it all up with a fork or any other mixing utensil. Mix it until it forms a smooth paste.
3. Add unscented shower gel until your mixture reaches your desired consistency.
4. Ensure that your product is mixed nicely and has a smooth creamy consistency.
5. Use the funnel to transfer your mixture from the bowl into your bottle.
6. Enjoy!

Yes my Fun is grey! This is because I used the Snowman Fun which has very potent black dye in it. This doesn't bother me though, it's kinda cool looking really.

I've really enjoyed using my Fun Shower Cream - I plan to use my Pink Fun soon and make more. I wash my hair with this stuff and it leaves it feeling lovely and soft.

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