Saturday, 25 April 2015

Review: LUSH Big Solid Conditioner

I am a fan of LUSH's Big Shampoo so I thought I'd better try the conditioner. I love solid products so this is ideal for me. It's packed full of sea salt, sea weed and nourishing coconut and jojoba oils. Sea salt helps to add volume to the hair, and sea weed strengthens it. Coconut and jojoba oils help to soften the hair and make it nice and shiny.

You only need to use a tiny bit of this conditioner. I rub it into the ends of my hair and I love how the sea salt feels - it's so invigorating, melting into my hair and helping to give it a nice amount of volume. I really really love this conditioner. It's a little pricey which I why I don't use it every time I wash my hair. I am considering making my own with sea salt, coconut oil and other ingredients as this stuff really is magical. I will be sure to post a recipe if I do create one!

£££: £9 per 100g

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