Monday, 20 April 2015

Chit Chat: Being Yourself!


You may have noticed that I've stopped starting my posts with 'girls' 'dolls' etc. My boyfriend pointed out that my audience may not be solely female and I thought on it and wondered why I hadn't thought of that myself?

I've studied Sociology for years so I'm well aware of the pressures that individuals are under to conform to strict gender stereotypes so why didn't I realise that boys might want to read about health, beauty and lifestyle posts just as much as girls?

SO, that got me thinking... we're under so much pressure to have certain characteristics and achieve set goals - and why does it matter? Going to university doesn't make you any more intelligent than someone who hasn't been. And being a size 8 doesn't make you any happier than a plus sized girl. 

Anyone who's reading this, just know that I love you all no matter your race, age or gender! Always be yourself and never change to please anyone else. If you wanna drop out of college and be a zoo keeper then go ahead. If you're 50 and want to dye your hair blue and get tattoos then go ahead and rock that look! 

I know it might sound easier said than done to be yourself in a judgmental world but in time it will get easier. Being comfortable in your own skin will give you so much pleasure and it's definitely worth fighting for. 

Feel free to email me if you want to chat about anything - I'm always willing to give you guys advice or just be there for you! My email address is listed on this website :)

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