Friday, 6 February 2015

Review: LUSH Yog Nog Soap

Hi girlies!

Today's post is a quick review of Yog Nog by LUSH. This soap contains lots of skin softening ingredients such as coconut oil, rapeseed oil and soya yoghurt. This makes it great for winter when our skin is a little drier than usual. 

(Look at the cocoa powder on top!)

Yog Nog smells like Christmas in soap form. It reminds me of the Christmas 'baking' variety of Yankee Candles (probably as it contains clove and nutmeg). Once I put this to my nose I literally cannot stop smelling it. I am obsessed with this scent. Probably a good thing that I'm stocked up for a while then.

I use this soap without a loofah and it lathers up well, producing a thick creamy lather. A small piece of Yog Nog lasts me ages which is unusual for such a creamy soap. The addition of soya yoghurt gives the soap a soft fudgey texture - it looks and smells good enough to eat (don't though...)

£££: £4.95 per 100g 

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