Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Review: LUSH Toothy Tabs - Chou Chou I Love You

Hi girlies!

Today's post is a review of the lovely 'Chou Chou I Love You' Toothy Tabs by LUSH. 

I'm not gonna lie, making the switch from toothpaste to Toothy Tabs takes a few days. They are something that you have to get used to, but once the switch is made there is no going back!

Toothy Tabs make my mouth feel so clean. I put one in my mouth, chew it and then start brushing and it foams up and fills my mouth with yummy foam. It's basically the bicarbonate of soda in the tab which cleans the teeth. 

The 'Chou Chou I Love You' variety are rose-flavoured and scented. They contain Rose Petal Powder, Rose Oil and Lemon Oil. They are sweet, restoring and refreshing. The flavour of rose will be new to a lot of people who aren't used to floral tastes. The flavour is so delicate though. I can taste a hint of lemon too which off-sets the sweetness of the rose. I think it's lovely though and it's nice to experiment when it comes to oral care. 

My breath smells nice and sweet afterwards which is cute, I like to use these before a date with my boyfriend.

I regularly use Chou Chou, Dirty (mint-flavoured) and Breath of God (myrrh and sandalwood flavoured). I shall get a review up of the other two in due course!

£££: £2.95 per 40 tabs. 

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