Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Favourite Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes: Curacao, Au Naturel, Acid and Primer Palette.

Hi girlies - happy February!

Sleek are my absolute fave drugstore eyeshadows. I have 9 of their palettes, and I like them all but I wanted to talk to you guys about my favourite ones. One of them is limited edition and no longer available but the other three are still available to purchase. My palettes will look pretty gross as they are all well used. 

1. Curacao (Caribbean Collection - Limited Edition)

This came out in Summer 2011, and it's full of brightly coloured pigmented shadows. They are so soft and blendable, a lot of the colours are quite unique as well. A matte red is hard to find in the drugstore!

I have swatched my favourite colours in the palette which are (left to right) Singapore Sling, Green Martini, Tequila Sunrise, Green Iguana, Bloody Mary and Screwdriver.

2. Acid 

This palette is great for clubbing and parties. The neon colours definitely came in use at uni, there's a couple of other really lovely colours as well. The neon ones are a little chalky but it adds to their charm... (lol). I realllyyy had to put this one in my favourites because of how much use it has had. All the colours in this palette are nicely pigmented, the neons are not particularly blendable though.

3. Primer Palette

These are really great for if you're wearing a bright eye look. Sleek palettes are so inexpensive, there's 12 primers in this palette and they are all pretty good. I used to line my eyes using the black primer and eyeshadow, but I haven't got the time for that these days.

They aren't particularly greasy which is great. The primers are not really suitable for wearing alone but if you wear coloured eyeshadow often then you will find this palette incredibly useful.

I have swatched my most used colours. They are exceptionally pigmented for primers! Do not use too much though or it will crease. Use them sparingly and they will make your eyeshadows look more vivid and last longer.

4. Au Naturel

I decided to include a nude palette as they are my most worn eyeshadows. This palette has had a lot of use.

My favourite colour is the matte peachy colour on the top right (Toast). I love all the matte shades though, the cool-toned one on the top left (Nubuck) is unusual and gets complimented a lot when I wear it. They are all really blendable and soft which is nice.

£££: £7.99 each.

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