Monday, 12 January 2015

Review: LUSH Coalface Cleanser

Hi girlies!

My first review is of Coalface Cleanser by LUSH! I have gotten into LUSH skin products over the last few months as I'm becoming increasingly drawn to natural products due to concerns over the long-term effects of  overly processed products. This is my favourite LUSH cleanser for a number of reasons: 

Firstly, it is super convenient to use as it is in bar form. I find that bar cleansers are better for me than the ones in pots, I find them more moisturising. 

Secondly, it is amazing to use at the end of the day when I'm all gross from work, which is when I get in the shower. It literally removes all excess oil from my face, exfoliates my skin and moisturises. Coalface contains charcoal, liquorice root and rosewood oil. So it's incredibly moisturising as well as being antiseptic which will stave off breakouts.

Aww, isn't it beautiful!

I find that the best way to use it is to break a small piece off before I get in the shower, smoosh it into my hands when the water runs then just rub the paste into my face until I'm ready to wash it off. I usually leave it on my face while I wash my hair then rinse it all off.

It has the most beautiful earthy smell, while still being girly as it is a little bit sweet and has glitter running through it.

Coalface is my go-to cleanser. You will most definitely see a large improvement in your skin within weeks of using this. Skin is more even and there's no spots to be seen!

£££: £4.95 PER 100G

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