Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Surviving In The Working World

It doesn’t matter whether you started your first job last week, or years ago. Surviving in the working world is not the easiest thing to do. You’re hit with curveball after curveball. Because one of the things you realise pretty quick is that your working life, and normal life, soon become intertwined. Anything that affects you at home, seems to affect you at work, and vise versa. One thing we can all agree is that going into the working world just causes one big ball of stress. When you’re a young and naive teenager, a full time wage might seem like the best thing in the world. But as soon as bills and other monthly payments start coming into the equation, the stress of life begins. Even though it will seem to remain this way for a lot of your working life, it isn’t fair for it to. Luckily for you, we’ve got some tips that we know will help you survive in the working world, no matter how long you’ve been in it. If you’re intrigued, then read on to find out more.

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It has now become pretty much impossible to meet someone who
isn’t stressed. Even if it isn’t about work, there’s always something to be stressed about. But granted, work is the main reason a lot of people feel like their heads are about to explode. There’s a few reasons for this, and a few ways that you can solve it. The first being the amount of hours that you work. It might seem all well and good putting in the extra hours to get money. But before you know it the pressure mounts and you’re up to your eyeballs in stress. There are easier ways out there to make money than to put in hours and hours at the office. Not only will it make the job you’re doing extra boring really quick, but it’ll also reduce your focus during your normal working hours. We can see why you would want to earn more money, but why not think about doing it from home. Find something you're passionate about, and set up a little something from home. It could be freelance writing, painting etc. All of them might not bring in the same amount of money as extra hours at your normal job would. But if you build up enough of a reputation, you could find yourself bringing in a nice bit of side income.

Another stress that we guarantee you’ll have to deal with at work is those caused by the people who are managing you. Unless you run your own business, you’re always going to feel the pressure from
someone above you. This can grind you down until you feel like the most worthless employee in the world. The important thing to remember about the people above you is that they have the power. Once they get a taste for that power, there’s nothing that will bring them down. This usually leads to arrogance and overstating of their power. But, you’re going to find people like this in pretty much every career you go into. There’s never going to be a job where absolutely everybody is lovely. Someone always have a stick stuck somewhere they don’t want it to be, and they take it out on the people below them. So you’ve got two options here. Either put up with it. Find a way to grit your teeth and smile at them like they’re your best friend. Or, you can take a stand. If you know you’re being treated unfairly, make it known. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to step up and voice their opinions, to let the person at question step down a peg or two.

A Life Outside Of Work

This is so so important if you ever want to survive for the amount of time you’re going to have to until retirement. A life outside of work isn’t hard to achieve. All you need to do is find a way to switch off as soon as your shift ends. Some people like to go out with friends for a drink, others like to take to sport and fitness as an outlet outside of work. Whatever you chose, it is important to have one. But at the same time, it is easy for things in your person life to spill into your work life, and when they do things can get rather stressful. When this does happen, you work should always accommodate, especially if it is something that is massively impacting your life. For example, one thing we’re all going to go through at one point or another is loss of a loved one. It is hard enough to focus on life when this happens, let alone work. Your work should give you bereavement leave to help you get over your loss. But as always, some companies choose to be restrictive, even over sensitive subjects such as this. Peninsulas employee bereavement leave guide will help to show you what you’re entitled to if you ever do go through something like this. Other stresses can get in the way, such as relationship troubles etc. Things like this your employers will not be lenient about. Try not to let personal issues such a relationship break up spill over into the workplace. We know how hard it will be, as the issue will always be on your mind, but if you make work an outlet and an escape, it might make things easier for you.

Workplace Issues

Just like with the overbearing manager,
workplace issues are going to be something you’ll encounter at one point or another. Just like in school, friendships form and cliques appear, especially if your office is bigger. Try not to get involved with any workplace gossip. As interesting as it might be, it might come back on you as well. Your aim should be to be friendly with everyone. Don’t get on people's bad side by sharing gossip you know you shouldn’t. It is easy to feel isolated at work if you keep annoying people.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Don’t Let Your Look Lack Style This Year!


Typically, people dress to match how they feel and act, and it can say a lot about someone when you see their style. It’s great if you want what you wear to reflect who you are, but you should also make sure it looks good on you! There’s a good look for everyone out there, although it might take some time to find it, giving up is not the answer. Many fashion enthusiasts online share their opinions and thoughts on what’s best for different individuals. Whether you feel short and lacking features, or you’re tall and broad shoulders, you can guarantee that there’s a look that looks incredible on you! The reason many people struggle is because they try to stick to trends; which are made mostly for the general body type. There’s nothing wrong with that! But you might be shooting yourself in the foot psychologically because you just have to wonder why it looks so good on everyone else, and not you.

Shop around!

If you feel that you do not fit the trends of today, and stores don’t generally sell your kind of clothing, don’t hesitate to go to online stores! If you’re not a frequent online shopper, you’re sure to be missing out on plenty of great wardrobe options for you. Don’t be intimidated by the lack of physical appearances, because although you won’t be able to try on any clothes before you buy them, there are often size charts you can compare yourself to beforehand. Not only that, but a lot of sites have a returns policy, meaning if it doesn’t fit or suit you; you can just get your money back!

Online shopping isn’t just the best way to find new clothes; it’s also the best way to get great deals! You have a vast amount of online stores you can purchase from, whether it’s for clothes, accessories or makeup, you’re certain to find the best prices somewhere! Take CNC Shellac, for example, if you’re looking for expensive makeup, the chances are you can’t beat the prices an online store has to offer you!

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Like mentioned before, you should take the time to discover what’s right for you. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by a lack of good results; many people find it hard to find their look. If you don’t know where to look, it can be tedious, but it’s an important step to having your perfect and unique image. Another thing you should consider, trying things you don’t think will suit you. It’s easy to dismiss these items right from the first glance you see them, but you never know when it will work out! It doesn’t hurt to be daring, and it can help you find the best results.

Every year people are getting sick of how they look, and it can become boring for them to stick to the same style. At some point, everyone needs a makeover, an overhaul to change how they look completely. Whether it’s a new winter wardrobe, or changing your approach to the summer, change is always good!

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Make 2018 The Year You Become Fiscally

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Money is something that gives each of us a headache at some point in our lives. No matter how much or how little you earn, it’s very easy to make bad decisions with your finances that can ultimately back you into a tricky corner. However, minimum wage or not, being sensible with your earnings is all it takes to have a comfortable financial situation. You just need to learn how to manage your money effectively and secure a better future for yourself. Make 2018 the year you become fiscally responsible. Here are a couple of tips.

Manage your expenditures.
Obviously, you can’t foresee every expense that’s going to come your way in life. Unexpected accidents can lead to costly medical bills, and legal situations can lead to hefty court fees. However, in many aspects of life, we can control our spending. It’s up to you how you spend your money. Still, there are some unavoidable necessities that we need in life, such as food, electricity, rent money, and gas for the car. That’s why you need to make a budget so as to ensure you know how much disposable income you have after you’ve paid for those necessities out of your earnings. If you’re struggling to afford the essentials because of a temporary problem with your finances then you might want to look into
online personal loans as a solution to get you by until you’re back on your feet. Obviously, this is a solution for those who will be able to afford to pay back the loan afterward.

Of course, cutting down on luxuries is one thing, but you can also do a lot to free up your available income by reducing the cost of necessary expenditures too. This doesn’t mean that you need to compromise by giving up the food, utilities, or other essentials you need. It simply means that you need to be smarter about the way in which you pay for such things. For example, you could save money when it comes to your car by learning to
maintain and repair it by yourself. You could save money on groceries by growing vegetables in your own back garden. You could save money on utility bills by insulating your house so as to better conserve the energy you’re using. There are so many ways to save money that you might be missing.

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Start saving money regularly.
Of course, the best way to be fiscally responsible is to avoid the urge to spend all of your disposable earnings. Instead, you should
set aside a small chunk of your income on a regular basis. In fact, every time you get your paycheck, you should instantly put some of it aside into your savings account. You could set up a standing order to automatically transfer a certain percentage of your monthly or weekly earnings straight to your savings account. That way, you’re never tempted to spend the money that you should really be saving. Ensure a better future by giving yourself a financial safety

Rustic Rooms: One Addition To Achieve The Look

The “rustic” look is a popular interior design theme, and one that never shows signs of going out of style. There is something that cannot be denied about the quaint, homely charms of rustic living-- it’s a style that transports you back to a simpler time, and helps you feel connected with nature even when you’re just sitting indoors and avoiding the rain.

Achieving the full rustic look, however, can be expensive, time-consuming, and… a little too much. If you go too far with this design idea, the interior of your home can begin to resemble a log cabin, and your usual tech and accessories will begin to look rather out of place. For example…

Rustic gone rogue.

Rustic is a look that is best applied gently, with small touches rather than an overwhelming theme that dominates the entire space.

If you want to capture the rustic look, then here are a few ideas for one addition you can make to each room. These single additions allow you to capture the spirit of the rustic look, without crossing the line from “quaint” into “overwhelming”.

THE BEDROOM: Wood furniture choice

The trend for modern bedroom furniture leans towards plain colours; white, black, grey-- and there’s no sign of that changing anytime soon. However, by choosing the rustic look you’re already sidestepping what’s “on trend” and going for a look that is timeless and classic, so you can afford to opt for furniture with a bit more to it.

If you’re aiming for rustic, then there’s one wood that rises above them all: pine. Pine is the quintessential rustic wood, and by choosing to use it for your bedroom furniture, you’ll have captured the country-cottage aesthetic in one fell swoop.

LIVING ROOM: Fireplace or wood-burning stove

There’s simply no other choice for the living room; if you want to achieve a rustic look in this area, then you’re going to want to create an old-fashioned hearth. The best way of achieving this is with a fireplace, which you can accessorise with a basket full of homegrown
British firewood, a poker set, and even a mirror to help reflect the light the fire produces.

If a full-blown real fire isn’t an option, consider a wood-burning stove. Wood-burning stoves don’t require a huge, built-in chimney breast, so they’re a great choice if you don’t want to make radical adaptations to your property.

KITCHEN: Copper pans from the ceiling

The kitchen is the heart of the rustic home, and one that popularised the look in the first place. While there’s no doubt that large unpainted wood tables and huge Aga ranges are attractive, there’s also no doubt that few people have the
kitchen space to accommodate such large additions.

Instead, choose to hang
copper pans from the ceiling to achieve a rustic feel without going full-on mountain cottage. Not only do these pans look good, but this is also useful, as it frees space in your cupboards. There’s a great guide to installing a pan rack in this video, so if you like the idea, you might want to give it a try:

Have fun turning your home into a rustic wonderland!

Monday, 22 January 2018

Throwing A Surprise Party For A Friend – 5 Tips To Make It A Hit

When your friend’s birthday is fast approaching, there’s a huge desire to find the perfect present for them. In truth, though, most people consider spending time with their nearest and dearest to be the greatest gift of all. Throwing a surprise party is undoubtedly one of the best ways to achieve that goal.

If you’re going to make those efforts, it’s vital that you do it in the right manner. Here’s how.


Plan early
The most important ingredient in the recipe for a perfect party is the guests. As long as all the right people are there, the recipient is sure to have the time of their life. People lead busy lives, though, so make sure you’ve set a date in stone long before the event.
Use social media to keep people updated. Even if it means finding a venue at a later date, knowing that the birthday boy or girl will be surrounded by love is the most crucial element of all.

Appreciate the timing
Many factors can influence your party planning decisions, and the time of year is certainly near the top of that list. Even if you’re planning to host the event at your home, a
winter party carries different requirements to a summer one. On a similar note, the rental prices of some venues may fluctuate greatly between peak and off-peak seasons. Take those influences on budgets and possibilities into account, and you won’t go far wrong.

Embrace tech
Technology can be used to brighten up any party. For starters, creating a Spotify playlist of their favourite songs will make a big impact whether you’re at home or in a hall. Meanwhile, capturing the moment with photographs will be an important part of the celebrations. Take things to the next level by
creating a Snapchat filter, and it’ll be sure to a party that nobody ever forgets. Frankly, that’s all anyone throwing a bash could ever hope to achieve.


Make it uniquely fun
A party without fun is one that has failed to unlock its potential. The simple gestures often make the biggest impact, and sharing great food is an essential feature.
Popcorn machines and other devices can take the enjoyment to a whole new level. The birthday party is the ideal time to forget about diets and responsibilities. On a similar note, fun games like giant Jenga and sporting activities can inject fresh energy to house parties.

Throw off the scent
Finally, when throwing a surprise party, you need to ensure that it remains a surprise. One option is to host the event a few days before their birthday. Pretend that you are doing something else like going to
the cinema or a restaurant so that they get dressed up. Then ensure that everyone is either at your home or the venue ready to put a shock smile on the recipient’s face. That emotional reaction of knowing everyone has come together to celebrate their birthday is the greatest gift of all.

See, arranging their birthday party isn’t so scary after all. Get those plans started ASAP, and you’ll have no problems creating a magical and memorable experience.

Crafting an Ideal Space for the Perfect Dining Experience

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Sure, dining out is a great novelty, but we all love a good dinner party within our own homes too! This could perhaps explain the profound success of shows such as Come Dine with Me or Dinner Date, which see us watching other people around the country host their own dining experiences. Now, if you’ve been watching these programmes and have decided that you’d like to try out the role of the host with the most yourself, have a new recipe that you’d like to try out on a grand scale, have an occasion to celebrate, or simply fancy a catch up with your nearest and dearest, a dinner party is a brilliant way to get everyone together and connecting with one another over delicious food and drink. But before you start drafting up the guest list and begin sending out invites, you need to ensure that you have a space that can not only accommodate your guests, but that will also be functional, practical, and help to create the perfect atmosphere for your event! Here are a few ideas for you to springboard from.

The Dining Table

Increasing numbers of people are opting to eat their meals from their laps in front of the television. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s most certainly not appropriate for a dinner party. Not everyone will be comfortable with eating from their lap and it’s not conducive to conversation and interpersonal engagement. So, you need to ensure that you have a nice clear dining table with comfortable seats for people to sit at throughout the duration of the meal. This also keeps things more organised and simple, as condiments, a carafe of water, and any bottles of wine can be placed at the centre within easy reach of everyone seated. You can also invest in special tableware for the occasion. Matching dinner service sets, in particular, put across the impression that you’ve put plenty of thought and effort into how you are presenting your guest's meals to them. Also be sure that each person has a napkin of sorts, should there be any spills or dropped food to clear up.

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Lighting can have a profound effect on the atmosphere of any given situation. However, when it comes to dining, it can be the make or break of a comfortable environment to eat in. When people are eating, they want to be able to see what they’re doing, so if the lighting is too dim, they may be put off their food or create a mess. However, you also don’t want blaring light, as people don’t want to feel as though their every move is being watched while they eat. If you are hosting a lunch, you’re in luck. Natural daylight should suffice. However, if you’re hosting a dinner, you should ensure that there is warm ambient lighting and this can always be brightened up a touch with candles.

These two aspects of your dining space may seem relatively minor, but they will make all the difference when it comes to how your guests will receive your food and the event in general. So be sure to bear them in mind!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Understanding The Other Red Monster In Your Life

We’ve all experienced anger which seems to do away with our reasoning. Be honest ladies; it happens
to us at least once a month. But, even when mother nature isn’t behind our unholy rage, anger isn't the
straightforward emotion we expect. Sure, it’s sometimes an adequate reaction. But, if you notice
yourself snapping at everything, it might be time to take a step back. Consider whether you’re being
rational. If not, think about where your anger originates. Often our anger is more a result of what’s
going on with us than what’s happening outside. That person you shouted at may have been an idiot,
but did they really deserve that level of rage? Perhaps not. Next time you feel yourself reaching this
stage, don't let stress overwhelm you. Instead, step back and consider what’s going on. To help you
get to the bottom of it, we’re going to look at three hidden factors which could be making themselves

You aren’t sleeping enough
Lack of sleep should be an apparent cause for our anger. In fact, not sleeping enough can cause all
sorts of issues, including low mood and heightened emotions on every end of the spectrum. How many
times have you gone to bed feeling emotionally awful, and woken up good as new? Yet, few of us
consider this. So, when you feel the rage, step back and think about how you’ve been sleeping. If not
well, then why not? Is your mattress playing you up? If yes, head to sites like choosemattress.com to
find something better. Is something else stopping you from sleeping? If yes, address that outside
issue as soon as possible. Whatever the cause, your rage is sure to subside as soon as you start
getting decent sleep again.

You’re hangry
Come on; this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to you. When we’re hungry, we get angry.
There’s a word especially for it, for goodness sake! But, this is more than just ‘one of those sayings’.
There’s actual scientific backing for the hangry argument, and you can find out about it on sites like
www.iflscience.com. Needless to say, when our glucose levels drop, so too does our mood. Next
time you see the red monster, consider whether there’s a grumble in your tummy. The good news is, there’s an easy fix for this. All you have to do is eat. Though, avoid quick fixes like chocolate bars,
and eat a proper meal. Otherwise, your hanger could come back in full force when your sugar rush

If you’ve eaten, slept, and still feel raging, thanger may be to blame. Okay, this isn’t so universally
known, but bear with us. Thanger is precisely what it sounds like - anger due to thirst. Much like
sleep, hydration plays a massive part in mood. Water helps keep everything balanced, and even
mild dehydration can cause cognitive decline. Grumpiness is part and parcel of all that. Next time
your rage won’t go, reach for the water.